Residential Works - Glebe

Residential works: Glebe

The project at Glebe was to landscape the rear and front gardens. The back garden was completely demolished, existing soil was utilised and paving levels excavated for raised garden bed built using recycled bricks.

Riverstone paving was used some of which was halved for steppers. Good-quality garden soils were placed in all garden beds, with planting consisting of a feature tree, accent plants, cycads and cordylines. River pebbles were spread around trees and between steppers, creating a dynamic effect. All gardens were mulched and a superb water feature (a recycled horse trough) installed.

Residential Works - Glebe Residential Works - Glebe Residential Works - Glebe Residential Works - Glebe
Residential Works - Greenwich

Residential works: Greenwich

The Greenwich garden redesign involved building new retaining walls, bulk earthworks , a matrix pave, and the construction of a large deck overlooking the front garden.

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Residential Works - Castlecrag

Residential works: Castlecrag

Bulk earthworks were undertaken in both the front and back yard of this waterfront home, using forest fines to mulch garden beds, shrubs for hedging and ground cover as well as the planting of lilly pillies in troughs around the side and front of the boat sheds.

A sandstone clad wall was built next to the boat shed , as well as being used either side of the concrete steps and wing walls. A low retaining wall was built to retain soil along the second set of stairs, which were added to the existing concrete steps, and the landing was paved.

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Residential Works - Woollahra

Residential works: Woollahra

The large Woollahra project involved the demolition and removal of all unwanted retaining walls, footings and vegetation as well as the re-use of the side sandstone steps. Sandstone crazy paving was laid on top of compacted road base for the new courtyard and round anamorphic lawn, while sawn sandstone paving was used for the courtyard and more formal rear courtyard.

The garden's main entry was cut and replaced with a tiled concrete path , sandstone cladding around the new pool and retaining wall was installed along with in ground lighting.

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Residential Works - Turramurra

Residential works: Turramurra

With a design aimed at simplicity, the materials used were minimal for this Turramurra home and were selected to relate to the established character.

A timber battened pergola shelters the back terrace and now provides views into the pool area and garden. Paving was selected to provide a strong definition to the house and pool entertaining areas. The garden planting was removed and replaced with Chinese pistacio and Manchurian pear trees to emphasise texture and colour, while lilly pillies hedge the site.

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